Unshaven Comics started out as a pipe dream discussed over the junior high school lunch table. In 1993, Marc met new-kid-in-the-district Matt in homeroom, and saw him drawing a badass Viking. Matt met Kyle in Health class, and he saw Matt drawing a kick ass robot. Matt brought Kyle to the lunch table. Milliseconds later, the lads began sharing their love of all things sci-fi, comic book, and pop culture. 

Flash forward to late in 2006. The barely out-of-college scruffy nerf-herders were commissioned to create an original graphic novel. Why? Because the publisher was willing to take a chance, and these unshaven lads needed something constructive to do in their early twenties.

In May of 2008, “The March: Crossing Bridges in America”  was ready to be brought out to the world. Rather than credit themselves individually though, Marc, Matt, and Kyle opted instead on a singular studio name. When the time came to name themselves, it was only an errant scratch of a whiskered chin that leant these lads their nom de plume. And so… Unshaven Comics launched!

Soon thereafter, Unshaven Comics launched books on it’s own, indie-style. They’ve been to hundreds of shows across the US and Canada, bringing their patented “Can I tell you about our comic book?” sign, and pitching their wares on the fun-loving public. 


Matt Wright

Matt Wright

Penciler / Inker / Painter / Lover / Fighter

Graduating from the American Academy of Art with his BFA,  in Illustration, Matt brings his pencils, pens, markers, and paints as the artistic backbone of Unshaven Comics. Matt prides himself on being a special kind of chaos that always brings the funk.

Aside from his analog artistic prowess, Matt is a devoted husband to his wife Amy, and father to his kids Aidan and Molly.

When not working on comics, Matt is an avid connoisseur of beers, a fine player of video games, and an amateur handy man to boot.

When it comes to the facial hair, Matt’s rarely without his trademark Van Dyke. During the Chicago Bear’s post seasons, and burly winters, the Van Dyke has been known to power up into a mighty full beard.

Marc Alan Fishman

Marc Alan Fishman

Jack of All Trades, Master at Several of Them

From the hallowed halls of the Herron School of Art (at Indiana University in Indianapolis) comes Marc Alan Fishman. Graduating with BFA in General Fine Arts, with a minor in creative writing, Marc brings a loaded backpack full of talents to Unshaven Comics. This includes writing, digital art, marketing, driving the company to cons, and being the “daddest of dads” to the Unshaven Lads.

When Marc isn’t chained to a computer, he’s happily chained to his wonderful wife Kathy and his children Bennett, Colton, AJ, and Mera.

Marc is an collector of Nerf guns, a builder of mechanical keyboards, and an on-and-mostly-off stand up comedian.

Marc used to rock a mighty pair of mutton chops… but over time, they grew to love one another so much, they united to form Marc’s mighty beard.

Kyle Gnepper

Kyle Gnepper

Writer of Words, Wants to Tell You About His Comic

With his BA in English, specializing in Creative Writing, Kyle is a wordsmith and seller extraordinaire.

As the “words-only” Unshavenaut, Kyle is always penning new scripts and finding amazing talent to work with (not named Marc or Matt). Beyond Unshaven Comics’ Samurnaut series, Gnepper’s brought a bevvy of original titles to the con table. And given his fearless pitching skills… Marc and Matt have been powerless to stop him from banking beaucoup bucks.

Kyle is happily married and has two awesome children.

When he’s not scribbling down story ideas into composition notebooks,  Kyle likes to sip Mountain Dew, play an occasional video game, and tend to his home garden.

Kyle’s sported far too many facial hair configurations to list on this website… but we assure you… his perpetual five-o’clock shadow suits him just fine.