The Samurnauts began as a gag. Seriously! With a blank inside cover leftover in one of Unshaven Comics’ first books (Disposable Razors #1), the lads decided to have a bit of fun dropping a fake ad to fill the space.

Marc, Matt, and Kyle took a trip to their favorite brainstorming spot, Bakers Square, to discuss ideas. “I want us to do an ad for a book we’ll never do” said Marc. A few slices of pie, mugs of coffee, and a Mountain Dew or two later… the details for this fake ad came scrawled out in a notebook.

Smash cut to a couple years later. Marc and Matt were soon to become fathers. Chomping at the bit to start their next project, but unsure of the direction to go, that fake ad came back up. “It really does sound like fun…”. 

Plus… it stars an immortal kung fu monkey. Samurnauts Are Go!

Samurnauts Genesis sample panels


Master Al leaping to defend humanity

In 1950, the final mission of NASA that sought to deputize monkeys as astronauts launched. Albert V, the last of his “class”, is put into a space shuttle. During his mission, his ship is mysteriously struck by an alien energy and sucked into a wormhole!

Albert V’s shuttle exits the wormhole and crash-lands in China… 1590!

Emerging from the wreckage, altered by the alien energy. Al soon finds himself smarter, stronger, and capable of both understanding and speaking to humans!

Soon therafter, Al learns the ways of martial arts and discovers his immortality. He chooses his path forward: to protect humanity through the Samurforce energies that empower him!



Team image

The Original Samurnauts
of 1590!

Team image

The steampunk
Samurnauts of 1855!

Team image

Samurnauts of
the Wild West!

Team image

Master Al
fights prohibition!

Team image

The mighty
Luchanauts of 1929!

Team image

The Samurnauts
of 1987: To the Max!

Team image

The few that failed:
The Samurnauts of 1999!

Team image

The all-new
Samurnauts of 2496!

Team image

The mysterious
SamurBots from the end of time!


Transforming Demon-Dinosaurs from Another Dimension!

The mysterious Oni-Saurus Clan have been a thorn in Master Al’s side since the very beginning! Upon landing in ancient China, Master Al’s adopted village home was invaded by the Oni-Sauruses… disguised as villagers themselves!

With thick hides, advanced weaponry, and the brutal strategist Oni-Saurus Rex leading them… The Oni-Saurus clan have carried their war on humanity throughout time itself. Oni-Saurus Rex’s grand plan? To terraform Earth so his clan can return to power permanently!

Zombie-Cyborg Space Pirates!

For as long as he has lived, Captain Blackstar has considered himself an agent of chaos. To plunder is akin to breathing. When he came upon a nerfarious witch offering him everlasting life, he accepted without thinking twice.

Alas, Reiki — the Purple Samurnaut of 1855 — banished Blackstar and his crew from Earth to the edge of the universe!

Blackstar and his loyal crew — now immortal beings hungry for chaos — sail the stars to destroy and usurp alien treasures abound.

Bio-Engineered Telepathic Communist Femme Fatales!

Through the twisted combination of dark magick, technology, and evil of scientist Dr. Irina Dorofeeva… the Kossack Cadre were engineered to complete any task demanded by their would-be mother.

Serving the Directorate of Secret Sciences in 1987, the Cadre are set to the task to capture Master Al’s Samurstaff — the ancient weapon Al has used throughout time to harness the alien energies that empower him!